this is…

…the lowdown.  this is my first blog… ever!  and the purpose for it is multi-faceted.
My Favourite People

My Favourite People

firstly, it is to initiate a free and open line of communication with my family, because living 5 time zones apart can sometimes make connecting a little more complicated than normal.  then there are the obvious benefits of the blog being much more cost effective than the telephone.

the idea is to keep family abreast of what goes on with me and my family.  there will be writing (creative or informative), photos, videos, music, etc., on this blog, so that one can get an idea of who we are, get a feeling of our essence.

i also had the intention to start this around the time that my budding career in television caught the ‘red eye’ to london… without me.  i wanted to document this major transitional period in my life and the lives of my family.  by marking this epoch of fluidity and flux, i believed that it would be an aid to me in providing some illumination and elevation.  after all, the search for higher truth must be conducted in the midst of the forces of life, with all its demands and seductions.

please feel free to comment on anything at all and to provide suggestions for the improvement of this portal of information dissemination.

many thanks and love to you all.

p ox


1 thought on “this is…”

  1. Love the new layout Pete! This is a great blog. You are so good at writing. I love you xx

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