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I just found a list of Canadian musicians that I made about two years ago, while cleaning the spare bedroom, in preparation for my brother to come and visit.  Why, you may ask, did I make the list?  That’s what I do.  I make lists and piles.  In fact, most of the piles I’ve made are comprised of lists.  Also, because I’m a Canadian, raised listening to Canadian radio stations and watching Much Music on Canadian TV.  And in Canada, there is a law which stipulates that all Canadian television and radio stations must transmit a minimum of 49% Canadian content (I think that’s the amount).  Since I was also surrounded by people who were (thankfully) under this influence, some for many years, you could imagine the effect it may have on the musical tastes of new and future generations.

I took my list, went to YouTube and the first song I searched for was ‘Closer Together’ by The Box.  Immediately I knew… it was time to make another CanCon Playlist!  It’s been almost 6 months since the last one and there’s no shortage of classic songs, so this time I set myself a challenge.

‘Closer Together’ inspired me to find other songs that really make you feel good.  I think that one must have a track list (there’s those pesky lists again) they can turn to if they ever think that this world in bad shape and there’s no hope (or if they just want to boogie).  Art has the power to uplift and probably music more so than other disciplines. So the challenge was to create a track list, spanning all eras and genres, that has uplifting music and lyrics, but not always both.  Let us begin…

The Box – ‘Closer Together’ (they actually have a few songs that could be on this track list)

Bran Van 3000 – Astounded (these guys are actually amazing musicians and nobody knows! This is the video, but I recommend searching for the full length song – no video – as you can experience the real ups and downs)

By Divine Right – Come For A Ride (flying doughnuts? Come on… instant classic!)

Men Without Hats – Safety Dance (when midgets were cool!)

Len – Steal My Sunshine (it kind of hurts to add this one, because these guys seem like a bunch of muppets, but man it’s fun and catchy!  plus, who’da thunk Len would’ve come up with this rhyming nugget of wisdom: “and of course you can’t become, if you only say what you would’ve done”?  yes, another classic.)

Shuffle Demons – Spadina Bus (not much to say here, except it’s funky and fun)

Chantal Kreviazuk – In This Life (I really like the melody, the uplifting buildup and especially the lyrics)

Blue Rodeo – Try (these guys are so good still)

Feist – 1234 (I swear, she has made some of the coolest videos from the past few years… apparently both of her parents are artists, so it’s not surprising the level of creativity that Feist puts out)

Frank Mills – Music Box Dancer (this is one of those songs – for me – that can pop into my head at any given moment, even though i haven’t actually heard the song since i was a kid in the 80’s… a tearjerker for some reason… nostalgia maybe)

And that song reminded me of this one, which makes me whistle with a smile and my eyebrows raising and lowering with each note, just like my grandma used to do: Mr. Dressup Theme Song – Artist Unknown

If any of these songs made you smile, happy, feel good, think about something nice, etc., then my time wasn’t wasted.