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There is a place I go to — it’s in my head

The last remaining refuge — from pain and death

It’s where I think about you — and what you’ve said

And now that I don’t have you — it’s where I live

If I could have planned our last kiss / It would have been beneath the stars

Snowflakes would have fallen on us / We could have let our spirits fly

Were we really on this island / In a space and time that’s pure

We’d have danced amongst the faeries / Right now the air’s a blur

We were on another island / Where snowflakes can endure

In the wild forests, wide and free / Search inside and touch the sky

The child inside is losing — gone far away

Walls are closing in around — we suffocate

The hope I see is distant — I contemplate

So much to do in this life — why must I wait

I should’ve warmed you with my love / As such cold times require

I could’ve seen you through the nights / Making days meaningful

I would’ve been right by your side / Our closeness bringing strength

If I were stronger when it mattered / Doesn’t change anything

Going to suss out my mistakes / lonely are we both laying

I didn’t live up to my end / Our last kiss turned to dust