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Day 5.  Today was quite a bit different, but I think I’m going to change tack a little with these entries and make them shorter.  The epic tomes I had written last week, kept me up and mentally engaged much longer than anyone should ever be!  It’s tiring (as you all know) to be on the go from 6 or 7am until midnight everyday.

The Breakfast Arts

So, I think I’ll do more photos and less words… or just less of everything.  It’s for my own stamina.  Actually, it’s for my sanity!  The stamina comment was just an excuse.  We had some fun on the weekend:

Christmas Preparations

There was a fair bit of arts and crafts undertaken and lots of reading.  In fact, Seren took out one of our Christmas themed books and boldly stated that, “Santa’s probably going to bring me a bicycle for Christmas this year!”

As for today however, I had to attend an interview at 9:15am for University, to further my career redirection.  It was on the other side of the city, where I spent the past year in college, at the National Botanic Gardens.  I barely made it there on time, but was pleasantly satisfied to find out that I had achieved a Distinction, which would equate to an Honours in Canada and surely other parts of the world.  I really didn’t think that I was going to get this ‘honour’.  I knew that I would be successful, but didn’t think that a Distinction was within reach.  So, two years – two Distinctions!  Now to get started on the ‘real’ qualification of Landscape Architecture, in September!

All of this talk brings me back to the ethos of this silly blog, which was to document the ‘transition’ that my life is in at the moment.  If you go to my main page – ‘this is…’ – you’ll find a more eloquent explanation.  Really though, going from working in sports television to discovering a passion for the living planet and striving to find out my place within said planet, is quite an about-face.  I haven’t even written much about any of that since I started the blog and I guess I should.  But I digress.

The Bee Whisperer

So, back to today with Seren and Olwyn.  We were out in the garden for a while, which they both love (in their own ways, which I’m still observing).  Seren and Olwyn were examining the soil in a bed that I haven’t sowed seeds in yet, when I saw Seren take a handful and rub it on her face, then rub the leftovers on Olwyn’s face.  I had a bemused look on my own face, yet was silent.  She turned, saw me watching and quickly declared, “Daddy, I just put sun cream on our faces because I don’t want to get burnt.  Because I was burnt yesterday… see, look… my eyes are red!”

The best part of the day, by far, was during lunch.  I started making tuna melts, when our groceries were delivered – yeah, that’s right, we have them delivered.  Lunch was put on hold and while I put the groceries away, I started to tidy areas of the kitchen and surrounding area up, to make room for fruit and veg.  Well, in doing so I had put some things in my pockets, just to temporarily get them out of the way and I would put them in their proper place ‘in a minute’.  I eventually got back to making lunch, then served it, then we ate it.  During lunch, Seren wanted to sit on my lap and read a story.  Fine, no problem.  Olwyn had long-since finished her lunch – she loved my tuna melts – and so I had to unleash her from her booster seat before she went bonkers!  Soon though, Olwyn wanted to get up on my lap too, because I was reading a story and she wanted to be involved again.  After about, oh, I don’t know, ten minutes of having the two of them on my lap, they decided that they wanted down.  I was elated!  I shifted around in my seat to get comfortable, but started to feel a burning sensation.  No, it wasn’t what you’re thinking!  My lower-left butt cheek felt hot… quite hot.  I reached around and my jeans felt moist.  I was perplexed and a little worried, to be honest.  I plunged my hand into my back-left pocket and was met by a moist sensation.  I explored in there a little, then decided I should sniff my fingers, or at the very least look at them!  It should be said that there was nothing on the seat I had been on.  So, I took

Super Butt Takes On A Whole New Meaning

my hand out and they immediately felt very strange.  I put them to my nose and by the time they got there, the skin on a couple of them was solid, like a film of honey had instantly hardened and sealed them from the air.  However, as soon as I smelled them, my jaw dropped and my eyes nearly popped out of my head.  “What have I done?”, I thought.  I immediately reached back in to my pocket to pull out the small container of SuperGlue that I had put in there earlier!  I put it in there when I was tidying up and forgot about it, but had to do something quick, before any more damage was done!  The damage was/is this:  my jeans are probably permanently ruined (but I’ll have to wear them for another year anyway); my thumb, index and middle finger on my left hand are screwed now, for at least a good few days; my underwear are also corroded and were also stuck to my leg, until I peeled them apart; I might have long term damage.  Keep in mind, this was a near-full container of SuperGlue!!  My fingers feel like the outer layer of skin has been burned off of them!!

All I can say is, it actually burns!  If you leave it there long enough, it’ll corrode your skin.  I guess having the weight of the girls on my lap and my complete inability to remember what happens five minutes earlier, led to this minor disaster.  They were my only decent pair of jeans too!  What am I supposed to wear now?  Dress pants… in the garden… to the playgroup… getting snotted on?!!  Looks like I’m going to have to pull out the trackpants.  I don’t like wearing them out in public, as a rule, but you’d have to live in Ireland to understand why.  Actually, no you don’t.

The moral here is this: On days when you receive good news, be prepared for some bad shortly thereafter.  If you don’t get any bad news, the good feels even better!!