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Our Baby's All Grown Up Now... Sob, Sniff...

Day Four.  It was an early one today.  6:15am.  Not quite sure why, but I woke up and that was it.  I laid there thinking, “I don’t have to pee, Seren’s not calling for me, my alarm didn’t go off and the garbage trucks come by on Tuesday mornings.”  Oh well, c’est la vie!  It was another nice day with the girls (they’re all nice, right?), but for two days in a row now, Olwyn refused to have her morning nap.  I shouldn’t feel this way, but I kind of cherish that hour to myself.  But I digress.  Olwyn and I had to go to Seren’s playgroup early today, because it was ‘Graduation Day’ and the kids that are a year ahead of Seren, will be moving on to Junior Infants (or in Canada, Junior Kindergarten).  However, all children received a certificate and some sweets (candy), just to ensure inclusion in the festivities.  It was rather cute.

Do Duck's Eat Wholegrain Bread, Daddy?

I had plans to take them to the grocery store, then to the park, to feed the ducks in the pond and then to the playground.  But at the kiddie grad, they were all given loads of the arts and crafts that they’ve done over the past few months, to take home, along with a brand new soccer-sized bouncy ball.  I couldn’t handle all of that stuff, plus the shopping I had intended to get.  So the plans were changed.  We went home, had lunch first, then went out again.  Olwyn fell asleep in the buggy on the way to the shops, but woke up at the duck pond.  Not enough sleep in one day for a 19 month old, especially considering she was up at 7:00am and is a very active child.  Nevertheless, we keep going on.

Nobody's Getting This From Me!

After wasting my wife’s hard-earned money on a few random, albeit cute, ducks’ lunches (hey, I really like bread), we had to cross the park to the playground.  For this, I brought Seren’s new ball.  Lately, she’s having a difficult time grasping what it means to share, but she’ll get it eventually.  I once read something about children and sharing, that said a child shouldn’t have to and probably wouldn’t likely, share something that they have not yet claimed as their own.  Until they are satisfied that they have ‘ownership’ over something, they will not want to share it, in most cases.  This does make sense to me.  I gather  from that bit of wisdom, that only when one has realised, understood and accepted that something is in fact theirs and that they will (or at least should) get it back, then they are comfortable with sharing it, let alone lending it out.  Jeez, I’ve lent loads of things out as an adult and everytime that I do, I think to myself, “I better get this back… it’s mine!”  It’s especially true of inanimate things that you ‘love’ and hold dear to you, like a great book or cd.

Big Squeeze

I Love My Girls

It was fun running around the park with them, stopping every once in a while to pose for the camera or hug a tree.  The playground was really busy, but it started to clear shortly after we arrived… I haven’t showered in a few days!  They had the right idea though, because the rain was on it’s way.  I managed to get the girls through all the sections of the playground though, before we had to go.

See Saw Margery Daw…

 I made a sausage casserole for dinner, served with garlic and coriander naan bread.  It was good, filling and everyone ate it.  I was happy.  And the little, big girl was so pooped, she let me get on with all of the prep work, while she (didn’t rest, but) listened to music.

I'm Not Tired At All, Daddy.