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Chantal and I have been trying to let go of a small level of control that I exercise over Seren lately.  Not just since I’ve been home with the girls again, but for a short while before that.  For example, little things like, not demanding that she hold my hand everytime we step outside our front door and venture into the big, bad world; or letting her go upstairs to play in her room (or any room) by herself, trying to demonstrate what trust is and that we trust her, or that we want to trust her.  Another thing I’ve been doing since I have been home from College for the past week, is to let her use the (expensive) camera.  Perhaps this is silly of me, because if she breaks it, that’s it!  It’s gone and we won’t be buying another one.  I’ve explained to her that it’s important to Mami and Daddy to be able to take photos of her and Olwyn and the garden and each other, etc.  I’ve told her that she must be gentle and careful with it, so that it doesn’t fall on the ground and break.  And I’ve tried to impress upon her, the importance of not touching the lens.  The results have been inspiring!  She always wraps the string around her wrist, is very careful to not touch the lens and is even keen to learn what the different buttons do.  Mainly, she wants to see that photos that she has taken afterwards.  Here is the first installment of Seren’s experimentation with the camera… her photoblog!

Red Doll

Reflecting on Making Dinner

Black Egg / Orange Egg

'Puter Tail

Windows To The Soul