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Day One.  Seren and Olwyn both slept until 8:10am, at which time we went into their room, which woke them up.  I only woke up myself at around 7:45am, but just couldn’t bear to put my feet on the ground yet.  We were at Bloom all day yesterday, so were all very tired.

Wall Climbing at Bloom (Gardening and Food Festival) Yesterday

Needless to say, I was nearly late, dropping Seren off at the playgroup, even though Seren got into the buggy (which she only does now, when it suits her) when I asked her to.  She was great and understood that we were in a hurry.  Upon arriving at the playgroup, Seren ejected herself out of the backseat of the buggy and ran inside to see her friends.  Seriously, it was like she was a pilot and her plane was heading for a crash landing.  I literally had to veer out of the way, to avoid running her over because she just appeared in front of me in an instant.  I met the minders at the playgroup, whom Seren adores, and I was told how Seren always tells them about me and how, “My daddy loves me so much!”.  I also discovered that she tells them that I always let her watch videos at home, which isn’t true!  For some reason, I felt like a bold parent when they said that and quickly defended my mettle as a child-rearer by quipping, “Well, I wouldn’t say always and it’s not usually whole movies, but rather short videos on the internet, of songs, of Peppa Pig episodes, Charlie and Lola, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom… stuff like that.”  I realised I was probably making myself sound worse, so I left it at that.

I arrived back home with Olwyn and we had the absolute best time together… ever!  We danced and danced for about an hour and a half, to Sloan’s album ‘Twice Removed’.  She even wanted to hold my hands while we danced, like we were waltzing!  It was so sweet.  I already felt like her and I were getting closer and that by the end of the summer, she might actually like me as much as she likes ‘Mami’.  I read her a couple of stories, to calm her down and just laid on the floor for a couple of minutes, so she could lie on top of me and together we just relaxed.  This was my set up to nap time.  So, around 10:45am I asked her if she wanted to “go for a sleepies”, to which she replied, “nyep!” and quickly made a bee-line to the door that leads to the stairs.  As it turned out, she didn’t get her morning nap.  I know she wanted to – she loves her sleep – but she’s a little under the weather today (as am I and Seren too) and has been all stuffed up.  She keeps sticking her finger up her nose, saying so sadly, “my bewrguh”.  She has come a long way with her words!  After three attempts to coax her to sleep, I decided that it was better for her to be with me.  She obviously didn’t want to be with the people in the sky and instead, just wanted some T.L.C. from daddy.

We left to get Seren at the playgroup, then the three of us went to the grocery store to get some provisions for the next couple of days.  Along the way, we bumped into one of Seren’s mates from the playgroup and her daddy.  Saoirse (pronounced ser-sha, or seer-sha) and Seren went running off, chasing each other around the shopping centre and it was difficult to convince them that the daddys actually had things in mind other than running around food aisles.  I must say though, it is so uplifting to see your child laughing and happily cavorting with a friend.  In the shop, she insisted on carrying the basket, even though she could barely lift it off the ground.  So, there was me, pushing a two-seater buggy with a toddler in the front, with one hand, while carrying the heavy basket with the other hand, bent over low enough so that Seren could hold it with her two hands.  Clearly, this made her feel very important, so of course any pride or ego that I had entering the shop was abandoned for her sake, as we manouevred through the busy aisles of our local SuperQuinn.

Eventually, we made it home.  Seren walked the whole way, but not without a fairly significant lapse of sanity on her behalf.  She must’ve been tired and hungry (I know this turns members of my family quirky) because it looked like it was going to rain and she had convinced herself that she was going to get soaked, so began to bawl her eyes out, screaming.  Then, within seconds, she was shouting that she wanted it to rain, so her “seeds could grow into plants”!  The main problem was that all the food I bought was in the spare buggy seat, not in a bag.  She could hardly climb in on top of the bananas, kiwis, yoghurts, etc.  So I just went with the flow until we got home, but she calmed a little more, the closer we got.  I think our day out at Bloom yesterday really took a lot out of her.  She was in top form there and we all had a blast!

Having Fun at Bloom Yesterday

Lunch was ham, salami and cheese sandwiches, which both girls devoured, probably because they helped me make them.  However, the carrot and coriander soup wasn’t really a hit.  Seren had a bit of it, albeit with a look that could be likened to a pre-vomit, facial spasm.  Olwyn didn’t even bother trying.  I had lots!  This is getting long so, I’ll speed it up.  I then changed one of the worst nappies ever and let Olwyn air herself out after that.  We played for a little while.  I did dishes, laundry, swept the floors and tidied up.  Seren helped me put Olwyn down for a nap, which lasted two hours, then her and I had some ‘quiet time’ downstairs.  Reading and climbing on daddy was the order of the day.  We went up to wake Olly at around 5 o’clock, then went into my room, so I could lie down while they jumped on my bed… clever, I thought!

This is when Chantal came home, which redirected most of the girls’ attention away from me, for the first time since 8:30am.  My goodness, I’m wrecked!  Only approximately 70 more days to go (not including weekends), of my second foray into being a stay-at-home dad.  I might be starting to settle in by then!