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you are not like me, we are not the same

it’s all about embracing change

that’s what i think anyway

i’m moving on to see what’s there

thinking about a lot these days, but

never more than the nights… ha!

i play guitar for my amusement

just want to know the human touch

yeah sometimes i do abuse it

creating is my crutch

never studied form or function

not even sure i want to know

but there is something coming from on high

inspires me to flow and grow and blow

like the not forgotten jazzmen

or the beatniks due respect

old bull lee once said a thousand things

peterson’s genius we neglect

i only wish and dream i had the gleam

the flair, the gall, the panache

i don’t

it’s okay to realise a negative

a perception of the mind

not soul

we all want to know

who what when where why

too many suppress

momentum lost with time

we’re all too many people striving

for mediocrity

ordinary people rushing

climbing anonymity