i love getting a book as a present, be it for christmas, my birthday or just because i’m a great guy and you want to give me something to show your appreciation for everything that i do for you.  which brings me to my point… i got a few books for christmas of 2009 and five months ago i finally finished one of them!  the really sad part about that fact is that i truly wanted to get through them faster than normal and so, i started one of them straight away!

"2 Eyes Open!"

‘the bedside book of beasts’ by graeme gibson is filled with poems, short stories, myths, tales, fables, excerpts from nature and travel journalism, sacred texts and fiction.  and if that wasn’t enough, it is adorned throughout with an impressive collection of drawings, paintings and sculpture of traditional, contemporary, religious, scientific and mythological origins.  these elements have been combined in a definitive compendium, which awakens a mystical cognizance of the complex, foreboding and everlasting communion that humans and wild beasts endure.

and what a good book it was!  reading ‘bedside’ was not just a good way to fall asleep at night…no.  it was a way to lose myself in a world that was not entirely oblivious to me, but was (and still is) a mystery to me.  the wild world of the beautiful beast is a fierce, intimidating, feral and indomitable realm. however, while reading this book, it became aware to me that it is a domain that is not without dignity, etiquette, grace and tenderness.  we are all predators, preyed on by another hunter and better beings we would be, the more we understood and respected that juxtaposition.