okay, this is long overdue.  i’ve been trying to attach this to the blog for a very long while, but for some reason i couldn’t figure out how to just show the video here.

it is amazing, after all this time now, how far i’ve come.  this video was shot in may 2009 – when my big bro’ chris was over again visiting us – and i was volunteering out at the gardens (hunting brook gardens).  i had almost completed the course in garden design and was waiting to hear if i’d get an interview to attend college in horticulture at the national botanic gardens.

in one way, it makes me shy (which i know is silly)… but in another, it also makes me proud.  i’ve actually come a long way in a rather short period of time. which is not unlike my journey since i chose to move to ireland in 2005.  so much has changed!

it’s a very interesting episode altogether, but if you just want to jump to the part with me in it, scroll forward to the 10:30 mark.


i hope it works and you get a kick out of it!