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here are a few tracks (videos if i could find them, or just audio) that i really like.  many of these artists i “discovered” while listening to cbc radio 3 online, while doing homework or the family budget… which i am pausing now to post this blog.  music is clearly more inspiring than keeping track of how poor you are, then how you’re going to manipulate your situation so that when in the present, in the future, you think you’re going to be just fine.

well, without further ado, i present my 1st playlist solely of canadian content… please enjoy when you have the time!

the provincial archive – acquaintances and lovers (a nod to chantal… live version)

i wanted to play ‘mood ruff – rocketship’ here, but i couldn’t find a link that worked.  so here is an equally good song (in my opinion, better)… k-os – man i used to be

metric – help i’m alive (how are these guys not huge?!!)

hayden – bad as they seem (very reminiscent of my early college years – 1995 -and all of his stuff is remarkable)

grand analog – i play my kazoo (formerly known as mood ruff, but still as good)

caribou – odessa (recently was a major act at one of europe’s largest music festivals – in ireland – called electric picnic)… pretty groovy

hey rosetta – red song (yet another great canadian song that transcends dimensions and explanation)

i think i’ll end with one of my favourite bands of all-time (don’t deny it, you like them too)…

our lady peace – starseed (before they were anybody and were rockin’ hard… i saw them live about three times a year from about ’93-’98

i have barely grazed the surface of what’s out there in canadian music and because of that, there will definitely be another list.  just think, cohen, joni, steppenwolf, the hip, bryan adams, celine dion ;)… aaahhh, there’s so much.  make some suggestions too please!