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Me at the National Botanic Gardens - March 2010

Me at the National Botanic Gardens - March 2010

i don’t get mail everyday, but when i do it’s usually a bill or a bank statement and occasionally an invitation to subscribe to some television platform.  but for two consecutive days now, i’ve received mail through the door that was entirely different.  and unlike watching the 9 o’clock news, i wasn’t depressed after reading each letter’s contents.

two days ago, i received a letter from teagasc, the irish agriculture and food development authority, offering me a place on the horticulture course i applied for.  it’s a one year course, starts in september and is the next step in the transmogrification (thought i’d try out a new word!) of my life.  i’m so happy i was accepted!

then, yesterday another letter was pushed through my door, which was from the college that i attended over the last year to study garden design.  i knew that the envelope’s contents would reveal to me how well, or unwell, i had done in the course.  i was a little nervous opening it.  i’m not sure why because i put in a great deal of effort and my portfolio that i submitted was packed full of quality work.  nevertheless, i was still nervous.

as it turns out, my nerves were unnecessary.  i received a distinction (honours) for my work!  i can’t tell you how relieved i was and how proud of myself i was for the achievement.  it’s been a very long time since i had worked so hard at something and then received positive feedback and results.  one thing is for sure though, there’s no way i would have got a distinction without the support of chantal, who encouraged me along the way.  she always looked at my work and critiqued it, she helped motivate me to go to class (which was at night – for three hours) after long, sometimes mentally draining days at work and to stay up late or hide away in the attic on weekends to get assignments done.  she even stayed up late with me on a few nights to keep me company and assisted me with some of the typing on my final project.  thanks darling – you rock!

so, much weight has been lifted now and i – no we – can now officially start to plan proactively for the upcoming year, which will unquestionably be an adventure.  i, for one, am looking forward to it.